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The One More Kid Charity began as Operation Save Christmas in 2011. Dan Grieb had bought gifts for his family that needed to be wrapped. An assistant in his real estate office offered to help him wrap the presents, and the two got to talking. She was having a bit of a rough year, and was really struggling with Christmas for her children. Here she was, unable to afford gifts for her own family, yet still happy to lend a helping hand to a friend...


A seed was planted.


Dan heard another similar story of a family who on December 23rd, long after the other charities had already completed their Christmas drives and donations, was going to be without a Christmas.


An idea began to take hold.


“Wouldn’t it be great if we could step in and save Christmas? Just go buy some gifts, wrap them, and deliver them in time to save Christmas?”


There are so many people out there who won’t ask for help, or who have fallen through the cracks with the larger organizations, or are simply suffering unforeseen hardships. Operation Save Christmas aims to help just these people. We fill the gap between December 23rd and December 25th, saving Christmas for local children and families in need.


With the One More Kid Charity, 100% of the money donated goes to the children – nothing is taken out, not even the cost of wrapping paper.


To date, our organization has helped almost 200 families and counting.


“Leadership is necessary – people really want to give, they often just don’t know how or where.” 

  - Dan Grieb, Founder of Operation Save Christmas & the One More Kid Charity


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