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We went to a house and went inside at 6pm on December 24th – there was nothing under the tree. The mother pulled me to the side and started to cry as she said “I know God would send someone to save Christmas.” I have her a hug, and she then told me - out of earshot of her children -  that she had terminal cancer and that this would be her last Christmas with her children.



We paid the electric bill for a family on Christmas Eve and saved their Christmas by giving them power in their home.




One year we asked two little girls what they wanted for Christmas, expecting to hear a list of toys, electronics, etc. All they asked for were warm blankets and pajamas to sleep in.



"Wow! Thank you does not seem like nearly enough to say for such a generous gift. You are both a true blessing! I am so overwhelmed with emotion for the help you have given our family. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to bless us! I hope that in the near future we are able to pay it forward! Thank you again!"



A 4 year old girl's house burnt down 2 days before Christmas. She was wearing an adult shirt as a dress when we saw her - but not anymore! We bought her new clothing and toys for Christmas. 




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Real Stories & Testimonials

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