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The One More Kid Charity began in 2011 as Operation Save Christmas, a charity that seeks to fill the gap between December 23rd and December 25th, saving Christmas for local children and families who have fallen through the cracks with the larger organizations. To date, the organization has saved Christmas for almost 200 families and counting.


In addition to continuing the Operation Save Christmas program, the charity now helps Central Florida children year round with other needs, including:


  • Field Trips

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • School Meals

  • Backpacks & School Supplies

  • New Clothes

  • Blankets/Bedding


One day Dan noticed that his son’s school breakfast and lunch bill was double the usual amount. It turns out his son had been buying breakfast and lunch for a hungry classmate. His younger son shared a similar story; he had been sharing part of his packed lunch with another student as well.


Having grown up as a kid like that, knowing firsthand what it was like not to have enough to eat, not getting to participate in extracurricular activities or wear new clothes like his classmates, Dan was moved to act.


“I want to see good people helping kids – and both their lives changed because of it. When you give someone the opportunity to be giving, the giver is blessed tenfold along with the receiver.” 

These are regular kids, good kids, just like your sons and daughters. These are families who have fallen on hard times, some who are working multiple jobs but still can’t make ends meet, others struck by tragedy including cancer, death, homelessness, and other hardships.


You can’t do everything, but you can help One More Kid.


When you go sign your son or daughter up for an extracurricular activity, sign an extra kid up too. Send in money for a needy child to go on the class fieldtrip so they aren’t left beyond because their family can’t afford to send them. Make a difference in a child’s life, brighten up their childhood and show them that miracles do exist.


“Your money is cheap, your leadership is expensive.” – Dan Grieb 


With the One More Kid Charity, 100% of the money donated goes to the children – nothing is taken out, not even the cost of the wrapping paper.

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