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You Can Make a Difference

One More Kid Charity

There are so many people out there who won’t ask for help, or who have fallen through the cracks with the larger organizations, or are simply suffering unforeseen hardships.


“People really want to give, they often just don’t know how or where.” – Dan Grieb, Founder of One More Kid & Operation Save Christmas


The One More Kid Charity offers Central Florida residents a meaningful way to help our community’s children.


100% of the money donated goes to help Central Florida children with everything from food and clothing to costs for school field trips and extracurricular activities, backpacks, school supplies, even bedding and pajamas.


The One More Kid Charity began in 2011 as Operation Save Christmas, a charity that seeks to fill the gap between December 23rd and December 25th, saving Christmas for local children and families who have fallen on hard time. To date, the organization has saved Christmas for almost 200 families and counting.


“Your money is cheap, your leadership is expensive.” – Dan Grieb

Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved!

You Can Help One More Kid

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